About WoodMoney

The WoodMoney method of ranking NHL players into 3 tiers of Quality got its genesis in the comments section of the venerable Oilers blog lowetide.ca in 2015.

Lowetide posters Woodguy and GMoney would pour through the shift data of games noting how coaches matched up players and how those matchups affect their results. They were dissatisfied with the most common tools to determine Quality of Competition and decided to figure out a new method.

The WoodMoney QoC approach is an ice-level matchup-based statistic intended to estimate QoC in a useful and understandable way.

To do so, we use player tiers that *approximate* (with as much objectivity as we can) what *most* people would consider “Elite” and “Gritensity” players. (your mileage will vary but generally won't change the results much!)

While a considerable amount of thought and rigour has gone into every step along the way (not to mention a whole hell of a lot of work), everything about this approach prioritizes pragmatism and especially usability over technical purity.

For the full story and methodology behind WoodMoney please read this: http://becauseoilers.blogspot.com/2016/07/woodmoney-new-quality-of-competition.html

Who we are

@Woodguy55 aka WG

-WG is a Managing Partner in a private Alberta company that sells a lot of wood.

-Worked with GMoney on developing the ideas behind the philosophy of WoodMoney QoC tiers and how to best categorize players

-Did Quality Assurance on players TOI to ensure accuracy, worked with Sean to organize the layout of the user interface and csv and also engaged with beta testers to understand features that were required on the site and in the data.

-Begged, pleaded and cajoled talented people to spend some of their precious free time away from their families to build a hockey data website without being paid.

@OilersNerdAlert aka GMoney

-GMoney is a serial entrepreneur and occasional CEO.

-Analytics professional available for consulting work.

-Wrote the software that mined the data and extracted the statistics - basically the whole damn database.


- Sean is the CTO of samdesk.

- He has a long-time passion for hockey analytics which includes contributing to behindthenet.ca, organizing AB Hockey Analytics conferences and frozenpools.ca (2008-2018) the first fantasy hockey site to incorporate advanced stats.

- Building upon v1.0 of PuckIQ Sean rejigged the client and web projects into version 2.0 of PuckIQ or what it is today.


-Zsolt has 20+ years of IT experience and has worked on everything from end user devices to large data centres to infrastructure applications. Zsolt is currently a technical lead for a large airline within Canada.

-When it comes to PuckIQ, Zsolt originally registered the puckiq.com domain back in 2011 with the aspiration of building a analytics website. Unfortunately life got in the way and PuckIQ had to be put on the back burner. After meeting GMoney & WG on Twitter back in 2016, and reading about WoodMoney over at WG’s blog, Zsolt offered up the domain and his infrastructure/server operations experience to help make PuckIQ a reality. Zsolt currently manages the backend of PuckIQ including the data delivery


-Responsible for getting the front end of puckiq.com version 1.0 up and working.

-Application developer who follows the Oilers with what is left of his blackened heart.